The largest and fastest-growing of its species, black tiger prawns are simply spectacular.

What distinguishes black tiger pawns from other types of prawns?

Recognised by their black striped tails, these phenomenal creatures can grow up to a massive 200g each and look undeniably stunning on a plate. It’s little wonder they are one of the most sought-after items in the seafood world.

Despite their popularity, the worldwide production of black tiger prawns has drastically reduced over the last two decades. Bangladesh, India, Vietnam and Indonesia – still the primary producers of farmed black tiger prawns – have diverted their attentions to white prawn farming, which offers higher growth rates and more marketable sizes. As a result, the majority of prawns in the UK are white and sold at lower prices.

However, having visited both white and black tiger prawn farms across the globe, Hook’d find the latter to be far superior. And as a leading supplier of the world’s finest seafood, quality is always our first priority. That’s why we’re going against the tide, and offering our customers the complete black tiger experience.

With their richer taste and crunchier texture, our black tiger prawns have been carefully selected as the best of their kind in the world. Choose from Hook’d’s whole or peeled and deveined prawns, sourced from West Africa and Southeast Asia. Sumptuous, juicy and succulent with a rich, meaty flavour, our delicious black tiger prawns are the epitome of premium seafood.

What recipes can I cook with black tiger prawns?

We recommend keeping it simple with Black Tiger Prawns to appreciate the delicate flavour. We might be biased, but you can’t beat Mama’s special recipe! You can find the recipe on our recipe hub, perfect for a sunny summer’s day.

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