Much of the stigma that surrounds frozen seafood stems from its history. In the 70s and 80s, frozen seafood was poorly handled, and was often only frozen towards the end of its shelf life in order to reduce wastage. This gave many the impression that frozen seafood was inferior to fresh.

Things are now very different! Thankfully, as with many other areas of the food industry that have been developed over the last 30 years, advanced freezing technology means that seafood can now be frozen down far more effectively, without the flavour and nutrients contained within it being compromised.

Fishing vessels are often at sea for weeks at a time, meaning that many of the most prised seafood items are now frozen-at-sea. This means that within hours of being caught, the fish are blast frozen on the very vessel they were caught on. Upon defrosting and cooking, they will be identical in quality to a fresh catch! 

With the much-improved technology, we can now enjoy the following benefits of frozen seafood:

  • Access to seafood all-year-round

 Without the advanced freezing techniques, we have available today, certain types of seafood would only be available if they were in season. Thanks to scientific advances we can now enjoy quality prawns, salmon, cod, seabass, mussels and many of types of seafood, 365 days a year!

  • Frozen seafood has a far longer shelf life than fresh seafood

Many of us are looking to reduce our household wastage and frozen seafood is a great place to start. Frozen seafood has a much longer shelf life than fresh seafood, often months rather than a few days. This will help to reduce wastage as well as reducing the pressure on usage.

  • Access to seafood across the globe

Whether you are looking for classic seafood options from Europe or something a little different from the other side of the world, like seafood delicacies from Australasia, frozen seafood is the answer! We work with high quality, sustainable suppliers who have all been visited personally by one of our team, so we guarantee when you order seafood from us you are getting the very best produce available.  

As an added bonus, here are a few things to look out for when purchasing frozen seafood:

  • Look for frozen in vacuum-sealed bags, this indicates that the seafood has been flash-frozen.
  • When purchasing whole seafood items, ensure the eyes are clear and not cloudy.
  • Inspect the fillet - the flesh should be uniform in colour. Faded fish often indicates that the fish has aged and may not have been frozen correctly.

Our frozen seafood is loved by the chefs from the most well-renowned restaurants in the country. Try it for yourself! We guarantee you will feel the same way.