Hailed ‘the King of Yellowtail’, the Spencer Gulf Hiramasa Kingfish is known for its radiance and power in the sea. But when landed and freshly prepared, this masterful Kingfish transforms into a translucent, luscious delicacy.

A natural inhabitant of the cold, crystal-clear waters of Spencer Gulf off the Eyre Peninsula in South Australia, the Hiramasa is increasingly popular among chefs worldwide. But what is it about this particular Kingfish that makes it so superior to others in its family?

We take a closer look at the King of Yellowtail, and discover precisely how it earned its royal title.

What is special about the texture of Hiramasa Kingfish?

All year, the icy, nutrient-rich currents of Antarctica flow freely into Southern Australian waters, toning and firming the flesh of the Kingfish. Nourished by these pristine waters, the Hiramasa boasts rich oil content, giving it a buttery, smooth texture and delicately sweet taste. Needless to say, it’s gorgeous for sashimi!

How is the exceptional quality of Hiramas Kingfish maintained?

Renowned for its unparalleled quality, the Spencer Gulf Hiramasa is preserved using the world’s leading Liquid Nitrogen Rapid Freezing Technology. While conventional freezing methods can take up to 240 minutes to reach the desired temperature, Rapid Freezing Technology freezes the fish within just 22 minutes!

This fast freezing preserves the texture, colour, aroma, and taste of the fish so that, once thawed, it is practically identical in quality and flavour as the moment it was caught. Now that’s what we call fresh fish!

What dishes can be created using Hiramasa Kingfish?

With its firm yet delicate flesh, Japanese sushi masters have crowned this Kingfish the world’s best fish for sashimi. But the Hiramasa is not limited to sushi; its ability to take on different flavours while also retaining its natural characteristics gives it an endless list of preparation methods. Equally delicious when slow-cooked, pan-fried, or barbecued, the Hiramasa is somewhat of a culinary marvel.

Is Hiramasa sustainably sourced?

If exceptional taste, versatility and quality weren’t enough, this Kingfish is also raised to the highest environmental standards. Its producers have now received accreditation from the Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC), the world’s leading certification body for responsible aquaculture. So you can enjoy the delicious taste of Hiramasa safe in the knowledge that its environment is protected.

So there you have it! With its firm flesh and sweet, rich, unparalleled taste, it’s easy to see why the Hiramasa has been crowned the King of Yellowtail. And the best news is, now you can enjoy this Australian delicacy in the comfort of your home. Head to the Hook’d store and order now.

Long live the King!