When it comes to premium seafood, the Ora King Salmon is the crème de la crème. Here’s why.

Over 20 years of genetics expertise and sustainable husbandry practices have created nine generations of King salmon in New Zealand, producing over 100 distinct King salmon families. Only those with the most appealing tastes, textures, colours and sizes are selected and carried onto the next generation, creating an ultra-premium line of quality Kings.

The Ora King salmon is the final, superior product of this lineage, genetically distinct from any other King salmon found in New Zealand and the rest of the globe.

In short, the Ora King salmon is quite literally the very best of breed.

Today, the Ora King is served in world-leading restaurants and has gained popularity with notable chefs around the globe. But what is it about this salmon that gives it its distinctive quality and charm?

Does Ora King Salmon taste better than regular salmon?

The Ora King's elegant balance of sweet and umami flavours means it takes exceptionally to various flavours. It has the highest oil content of all salmon species internationally, giving it a rich, luscious taste. This oil also keeps the fish moist, making it difficult to overcook - perfect for rookie and professional chefs alike.

What is the texture of Ora King Salmon like?

This salmon’s unique muscular structure gives it a buttery, silky texture, making it easy to cut and very light in the mouth. This soft texture, combined with its luscious taste and health benefits, has gained the Ora King the spectacular title of the ’wagyu beef of the ocean’. Audacious but justified!

Why is the appearance of Ora King Salmon better than regular salmon?

As well as being delicious to eat, the Ora King looks stunning on the plate. King salmon are known for their vibrant orange colour, which contrasts beautifully with their distinctive marbled fat lines. If you like your seafood to look as good as it tastes, the Ora King salmon is the ultimate choice. 

What are the health benefits of Ora King Salmon?

King salmon have exceptionally high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which have considerable health benefits. Who said food can’t be delicious and good for you?!

The King salmon are fed a nutritionally balanced diet, formulated by feed experts and sourced exclusively from certified Genetically Modified Organism-free suppliers. A feast fit for a King!

Is Ora King Salmon sustainably sourced?

Our producers have accreditations by the Global Aquaculture Alliance for Best Aquaculture Practice and are certified by the Aquaculture Stewardship Council, the leading certification body for responsible aquaculture production. So when it comes to environmentally-friendly production, the Ora King is in the very best of hands.

What makes Ora King Salmon unique?

King salmon make up less than 0.5% of the global salmon population and are regarded as the pinnacle of salmon species internationally. The Ora King is the ultimate of this rare and exclusive species. To put it simply, there’s no other fish like it!

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